MTB Live – Our Saving Mission is for You

Promo codes, both online and offline, are a great gift and resource for a student living on campus. They are a great way to afford those little luxuries of life that are unimaginable for someone living off of meals consisting solely of instant ramen. Thousands of companies all across the world offer a variety of promo codes or discount vouchers for a large number of products and services. The trick lies in recognizing which of them are truly useful for you and which one you will not be able to utilize, even if the offer is quite attractive. Let us see what are the different types of deals you are offered, and if they are the right thing for you.

Types of promo code

There are many types of promo codes that you can get including –

1. Percentage discount codes As the name suggests, a percentage of your total bill is shaved off. These are probably the best type of promo codes as you get a cash discount upfront with no strings attached. For a student, it is also a great deal as you are generally buying for one and cash discounts work out better than quantity discounts. The only problem with them is the fact that there is generally a minimum purchase amount for the code to be applied. This can be a problem sometimes, so check the terms and conditions carefully before shopping at

2. Flat amount discounts These are codes that give you offers such as Get 10 off. Again, a great idea for everyone, including students on a fixed budget. Such discounts are generally available on essentials such as food items and can be quite beneficial. A minimum purchase amount is again the problem with such an offer but if planned well, you can definitely profit from it.

3. Buy X, Get Y free Another very popular form of promo code available, both online and offline, these are generally not very useful for college students as are other volume discounts. The X and the Y can have any values and the company is incentivising your buying a product with another of the same variety. It is an age old marketing technique and you have companies that are built on using this specific technique to attract customers.

4. Free sample This is the best kind of promo code you can get as a college student. Getting something for free is probably the best feeling in the world and no one can understand it better than a college kid. Whether its a free cup of coffee, or a movie ticket, a small treat like this can make your day. This was the type of promo code I liked the best.


Using these promo codes

There is no dearth of discount codes and promo codes around. I used them extensively all through college and saved a lot of money. Of course, you’d prefer a free sample rather than any other type of discount, but if planned properly, you can use these brazzers discounts to make your college experience more enjoyable.